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A wide range of expanded polystyrene trays that offer protection and presentation for their products. This range of products are the packaging with the index of the lowest carbon footprint in the market. Reduced cost with respect to any available containers makes them the most widely used today.

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Absorbent TRAYS

DryPACK absorbent trays improve product presentation and hygiene. Ideal for use in the production of meat and fish products with a tendency to release large amounts of liquid. Meet the needs of producers and consumers through visual improvement is the elimination of these liquids. DryPACK trays are available in a range of colors and sizes. 


 MAP sealable trays stay fresh red meat and white extending longer product life on the shelf, providing an excellent presentation to attract consumers to their products.This type of foam trays are obtained with half the weight of rigid plates similar in size, minimizing the use of materials generated at an environmental benefit by reducing the rate of carbon footprint in the same proportion as the traditional trays .


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